The Church is open now more than ever. We’re just not meeting together in a building.

  • Sunday services are live-streamed via Facebook Live at 10am. Click the Facebook icon on the top right of this page.
  • Video recordings of the service are on our YouTube channel, available shortly after the service.
  • Audio recordings of the message are on our Recent-Messages page.
  • FOF Facilities are still currently closed.
  • If you’d like, bring your tablet or phone and worship together virtually on the FOF parking lot. If you do, we encourage the following:
    • Practice CDC social distancing guidelines.
    • Keep your cars at a distance of at least every other space.
    • If you get out, don’t gather in groups greater than ten.
    • Bring a mask.
    • Go to the bathroom before you come. Everyone inside is running the service and we won’t be able to step away and let you in.
  • BoulderPM meets virtually on Sunday night. Check out the Boulder Student Ministries page for details.
  • Contact your Discipleship Group leader to see if or when your group is meeting virtually.
  • If you want to financially support FOF, give online or by text or mail in your donation.


Sunday morning may be where we most visibly gather, but it’s not the most important thing we do. Times like this are a good reminder that God calls us to be the church, not just go to one. In the midst of fear, uncertainty, and need, each of us gets the opportunity to love our neighbors and communities as Jesus would. Here are ways you can be the church right now.

  • Check in on your neighbor. Yes, your literal neighbor. Make sure they’re doing okay.
  • Check in on someone who’s elderly or at risk. Go grocery shopping for them or help in some other way.
  • People have lost jobs and reduced hours. Buy them groceries. Help with a bill. Share your plenty in their time of need.
  • Be a non-anxious presence for someone else. Many people are shaken and afraid. Share a hope in Jesus that’s bigger than disease, bigger than death. People want good news. Give some to them.
  • Pray for someone. Send a card, text, or email. Call and ask if you can pray for them on the phone.
  • Pray. Period. Against fear. For opportunity. For someone at risk. For treatments and cures. Pray.
  • If you want to help someone, do so directly or email Pastor David Gaddini at pastor@fellowshipoffaith.org


  • The Northern Illinois Food Bank food truck will be at FOF on Saturday June 6. Food distribution begins at 10am. We will be using the “curb-side pickup” model.
  • Contact your Discipleship Group or ministry leader. Regularly. Lean into your group or team for encouragement.
  • If you’re struggling emotionally, spiritually, or financially, need someone to get or deliver groceries, or rides to doctors and don’t know where to turn, email Pastor David Gaddini at pastor@fellowshipoffaith.org. There’s a whole church here willing to help.

We continue to take this one step at a time. Let’s take to heart a great word from Jesus: “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me” (John 14).

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