August 18, 2019

Everyone has a ministry to the Body and a mission to the world. What kind of Influence will Jesus have through you?


August 7, 2019

FOF is out of room. Choices we make now will determine our future. On Aug 7, our leadership presented options we’ve been exploring to strategically navigate our next steps.


July 7, July 21, August 11

Ever have a tough question about God? Maybe one you're afraid or embarrassed to ask? In our series Questions You Never Thought You Could Ask in Church, Pastor Dave answers anonymously texted questions in real time and on the spot!


June 23-30, July 14, August 4

Each of our lives has a story. God has a story too, and he wants to make his story our story. Hear the experiences of how God is working in and through people, and the questions and wrestling they face with him.


June 16, 2019

God is one. God is three. Huh? Some call it polytheism. Others call it illogical. Most have no idea why it matters. Discover the roots of this core doctrine and why it’s so important.


June 9, 2019

It was the day God poured his Spirit on his people. And God pours his Spirit on people still. Celebrate the day the Church was born. Discover the way of God’s Spirit in your life.