Faith Challenges

Faith Challenges are personal spiritual practices we encourage you to engage in throughout the week. Tied to our Sunday series, they are meant to help you take what hear on Sunday and pull it into the rest of the week. You can do them on your own, with your family, or a small group. It’s about growing in faith, a relationship with God, and putting his teachings into practice.

Current Faith Challenges

House Devo

Who are you cooped up with? Share a devotional time together daily, or 2-3x per week. If they resist, commit to it yourself.

  • Read a portion of Mark’s Gospel in the New Testament each day or each time you meet.
  • Start at the beginning. Don’t do a whole chapter, just a section.
  • Have someone different read it out loud each time.
  • Ask two questions:
    1. What do you like about this?
    2. What don’t you like about this? Or what don’t you get?

That second question is important. The Bible should challenge you and confront your ideas and convictions. That’s never pleasant. Connection with God roots best in honesty. Don’t shy away from it.

Doing this at a fixed time each day works best. At least as much as possible. Make it something to look forward to, or that’s expected. Turn off the TV and give it a few minutes of its own space. Squeezing it into the margins doesn’t really work.

If you’re really bold, memorize a sentence or verse together that you like. Come back to it throughout the day and days.

“For…” Prayer

Try this technique with others. It works great for including everyone, especially kids and those afraid to pray out loud, and keeps everyone moving together.

Pray, “Lord, for….” And then list whatever is on your heart. You only get a sentence or two. No explanation. Just, “Lord, for…” Here’s an example. “Lord, for my grandma, that she wouldn’t get sick.” Here’s another example, “Lord, watch over our doctors. Keep them safe.”

  • After each prayer, say “In your mercy.” Everyone else responds “Hear our prayer.”
  • Keep it going. Encourage everyone to contribute anything and everything they want. But just one phrase at a time.
  • Don’t go around in a circle. People chime in as they want.
  • When it runs it’s course, just close it off with some quick praise and thanks to God and an Amen.


Commit to an outward focus and strategize a way towards helping someone struggling through Covid-19.

  • Check in on someone who’s elderly or at risk. Go grocery shopping for them or help in some other way.
  • People have lost jobs and reduced hours. Buy them groceries. Help with a bill. Share your plenty in their time of need.
  • Be a non-anxious presence for someone else. Many people are shaken and afraid. Share a hope in Jesus that’s bigger than disease, bigger than death. People want good news. Give some to them.
  • Contact your Discipleship Group or ministry leader. Meet and pray together virtually.

Rock Kids Puzzle Challenge

The Rock kids received 24 action-packed challenge cards to explore and experience the rich meaning of Easter.

  • Randomly choose one card at a time.
  • After you review the card, do the activity together.
  • On the back of every card is a puzzle piece. Once your family completes an activity, place the piece in its relevant position.
  • By the end of the Easter season, your family will have completed a spring-themed puzzle.

Post a photo of your family completing the challenges on the Rock Facebook page. At the end of the challenge, post a photo of your completed puzzle to win a cool prize!

If your family did not receive the Rock Puzzle Challenge, e-mail Gwen Johnson with your address and we’ll send it your way.