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Hosted at Fellowship of Faith in The Study, join us for an adventure in puzzle solving and discover the item your Great Aunt left you as an inheritance!

  • Friday, July 27 – 4pm (8 spots), 5:30pm (8 spots), 7pm (3 spots), & 8:30pm (BOOKED)
  • Saturday, July 28 – 9am (8 spots), 10:30am (1 spot), 12pm (8 spots), 1:30pm (BOOKED), 3pm (8 spots), 4:30pm (BOOKED), 6pm (BOOKED), 7:30pm (BOOKED), & 9pm (8 spots)
  • Sunday, July 29 – 12pm (BOOKED), 1:30pm (BOOKED), 3pm (BOOKED), 4:30pm (BOOKED), 6pm (BOOKED), 7:30pm (1 spot), & 9pm (8 spots)

We are also selling raffle tickets! Grand prize winner will receive two vouchers to McHenry’s Twisted Limits escape rooms AND two vouchers to Crystal Lake’s EscapeQuest AND a $50 coupon for Woodstock’s ParadoxSQUARED escape rooms! Second place winner will receive two vouchers to Twisted Limits. A big very thank you for their donations! Tickets are $5 for 2 or $10 for 5! Just let us know how many we should enter for you!

Boulder is our student ministry for 6th-12th grade. It has the singular goal of helping junior high and high school students become radical disciples of Jesus.

BoulderAM |  On Summer Break

Meet together in the front office for Bible study and group discussion that gives the chance to wrestle through the matrix of your life with God. Studies are designed to be easy-to-engage-with single week topics.

BoulderXT |  On Summer Break

We have the whole building to ourselves beforehand as a study hall, game room, and jam room for musicians. Knowledgeable adults are available to assist with homework and mentor students. Food will be available.

BoulderPM |  On Summer Break

Sunday nights feature multiple small group studies, panel discussions, and nights of worship. Topics are developed specifically with students in mind and typically run 1-3 weeks. Special nights of worship are led by our student & leader band, Crave!

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Get Involved

How do I get involved as a student?

Just start coming! Seriously, it’s that easy! We’ll be sure you get plugged in so you know what’s going on! Curious about the student & leader band, Crave? Just ask!

How do I get involved as an adult?

Adults of all ages from all walks of life interested in working with students can serve.  You don’t need to be a parent to have something to offer!

Serving opportunities abound, including leading small-group sessions, retreat helpers, organizers, and people willing to share their faith journeys. Get hooked on working with students today! Give us a shout!